Billing Information

Please be aware that Medicare and health fund rebates may not cover the entire cost of your anaesthesia.  The health insurance industry can be confusing as different health funds pay out at significantly variable rates.

This difference between the anaesthetist’s fee and your rebates is the ‘gap’. The size of the ‘gap’ varies greatly depending on your health fund, duration, complexity and the type of surgery e.g, Cosmetic or General.

You should contact your health fund to determine your level of cover, to obtain an estimate of fees please contact Western Anaesthesiology on (08) 9382 8686.


Various methods of payment are available for your convenience:

  • BPAY: This information is found at the bottom of your Tax Invoice.
  • Credit Card: We accept Visa Card and MasterCard, you may call us and make a payment over the phone.
  • Bank Cheques, Personal Cheques and Money Orders: Personal cheques are not acceptable as prepayment for anaesthetic services unless sufficient time is available for the cheque to have been banked and cleared.
  • Cash: Please visit our rooms for cash payments.